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Why I'm running

First and foremost, I want to serve others in a new way.

I have served my country. And, as a small business owner, I currently serve people who want to learn how to be leaders.

When I look at the 33rd District, I see a wonderful place that needs stronger leadership at the state level. It is one of the few districts with no incorporated areas. But it is also one of the most beautiful districts and because of its residents it has a lot of potential.

Sadly, Conservative Columbia is focused on taking away women’s freedoms and pushing extreme ideas of “personal liberty” that put many people at risk.

Democracy is defined by “We the People,” not “We the Party” or “We the Caucus.” The Republican Party and the S.C. House Freedom Caucus are not listening to the people they serve and, because of gerrymandering, they are not being held accountable.

Democracy demands an opposing voice. When we hold each other accountable, everyone has the best chance of being heard.

During my Army service, I spent time in Afghanistan, In the Balkans, in Iraq, and in Egypt. In each of those places, one group seized power and used it to serve themselves and deprive others of their rights. I won’t stand by while it happens here in South Carolina.

Caring for others is the most important task a leader is entrusted with — in South Carolina or anywhere.