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A woman's reproductive rights

A woman’s health is a discussion between her, her doctor, and whomever she chooses to confide in

That includes her family, friends, church and God. After that discussion, it’s HER choice what happens next.

At least, it should be her choice. But not in South Carolina.

The government should empower women to get the best treatment. A woman should NEVER fear that lawmakers in Columbia are limiting her rights or her access to basic healthcare.

Men have the right to talk about anything with their doctor, without fear of reprisal or judgment.   Under current laws, women do not have that right, and doctors are living in fear that the best answer for their patient might go against some lawmaker’s personal views.

Under our Constitution, all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our current laws put women’s lives in jeopardy and restrict their liberties.